Managed Email (includes photo sharing)

Managed Email


We at Sideboard have partnered with PawPaw mail to provide our users with a unique and market leading managed email and photo sharing service for the elderly and vulnerable.




 Why not try the live demo site. and see for yourself how easy it is to use?


Features                                                                        Benefits                

Simple user interface

Simple and easy to use for those with no prior experience of using a computer:-

· Only four large icons on the screen

· No toolbars

· Large text

· High contrast

· Terms used are non-technical and will be familiar to the User e.g. "Read Mail" instead of Inbox

Web based

· No software to be downloaded or updated

· Can be run on old/low spec PCs or laptops - as long as they can run Flash

· Can be accessed or managed from anywhere with an Internet connection

Security controls on incoming mail

· User's inbox can be set to only automatically accept mail from people in their address book - other mail will be held until reviewed by the Supporter

· Supporter is automatically notified when there is User mail to be reviewed

User capability setting

The functionality available to the User e.g. the ability to edit their address book, can be set according to their ability/confidence

Web based account management

Supporter(s) can manage the User's email account and photo album from anywhere in the World with any device with an Internet connection and a browser.

Upload photos

Supporters can quickly and simply upload photos to their User's album.

Easy for User to view photos

· Users can view their photo album by simply clicking on the "View Photos" icon

· Can either view individual photos or have a rolling "slideshow"













































The email service comes packaged with the SIMPLE HOME PAGE service. The package cost is £65 per annum with a one off set up fee of £10. You will be charged £26.25 for the first three months service and charged £16.25  every quarter after that


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