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To keep things as simple as possible we've organised our product choices into two packages. 

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N.B. throughout this site we refer to the elderly or vulnerable person who uses our products as the User. The Supporter is the family member or friend who has secure access to configure the User's products.



SIMPLE HOME PAGE is a web based home page which the User' browser is programmed to go to. It offers simple links which the Supporter can configure. In this way the user is presented with a simple and safe view of the internet, with no adverts, and daily messages from their Supporter(s) which could look like this ...



EMAIL provides a really simple email and photo sharing system for the user






You have several options to purchase these products




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Option 1


Product -Simple Home Page only

Cost - An initial payment of £25 to cover set up and the first twelve month's service, followed by annual payments of £15


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Option 2


Product -Simple Home Page plus Email and Photo Sharing

Cost - An initial payment of £26.25 to cover set up and the first month's service, followed by quarterly payments of £16.25


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